Preventive maintenance means the routinely scheduled services, inspections and part replacements that your vehicle manufacturer recommends based. These recommendations are based on several factors including vehicle age, mileage and your driving conditions. Recommended services and schedules vary from vehicle to vehicle.

The best way to assure proper functioning of your vehicle is by following your manufacturer's scheduled service recommendations, or factory scheduled maintenance. This helps ensure that your vehicle's engine, parts, and systems remain in good, working order. Routine maintenance helps keep your car safe and fuel-efficient, too. By not performing the scheduled services you risk costly repairs or even a breakdown.

Your vehicle's scheduled service recommendations are available in your owner's manual.

What about my Manufacturer Warranty?
Most vehicle warranties require that you follow the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule in order to keep the warranty valid. Unless the dealer provides the article or service without charge under the terms of the warranty, however, you do not have to go to the auto dealer to get the maintenance work done. Oil n Go is able to perform these services without invalidating your warranty.